How to buy VPND

The steps are simple:
1. Go to the VaporFi app at
2. Click on the VPND button on the top right, then click on Buy on Trader Joe. This action will direct you to Trade Joe where you can buy the token.
Go to Trader Joe to buy your VPND tokens.
You can also access the Trade Joe page to buy the token using this link -
3. Once redirected, kindly connect your MetaMask wallet. Make sure you are on the Avalanche network.
IMPORTANT: To use the Avalanche Network, you must purchase AVAX for transaction gas fees. 0.1 AVAX should be enough for now.
4. Click on the checkbox and click Continue.
Connect your wallet to to purchase VPND.
5. Specify the amount of VPND that you would like to buy, using any token that you prefer. Click on Swap to buy. Make sure you always have some AVAX available for future gas fees.
NOTE: If you are doing this for the first time, you need to approve two transactions in MetaMask. The first to allow TraderJoe to interact with your wallet, and the second to do the actual swapping. Wait for the first transaction to be approved prior to doing the 2nd transaction.
Likewise, in the future, when swapping VPND back for AVAX for the first time, you will also need to approve two transactions in Metamask.
Swapping AVAX for VPND.
6. Once the swap is completed, you will have the VPND tokens in your wallet. To view the tokens in your wallet, you must first add the VPND token to your wallet. To do that, just click on Add VPND to Wallet. You can find it at the bottom of the Trader Joe swap dialog box.
Adding the VPND token to your wallet through TradeJoe.
7. Alternatively, you can add it through the VaporFi app. Click on the VPND button, then click on Add VPND Token to Wallet. Ensure your wallet is already connected to the VaporFi app before doing this.
Adding the VPND token to your wallet from the VaporFi app.