VaporFi Tutorial

How to change your RPC endpoint

1. VaporFi runs Avalanche RPC nodes in 11 different locations around the globe. Using one of these endpoints (as opposed to the default endpoint) can potentially increase transaction speed, while reducing gas fees.
2. First, you need to choose choose the RPC endpoint closes to your location. To do that just click on the three dots next to the any of your Nodes, then click on RPC Endpoints.
Change your RPC endpoints.
3. Select the RPC Endpoint closest to you.
There are 11 locations worldwide that you can choose from.
4. Copy the unique RPC URL of your Node by clicking on the copy icon.
Copy the unique RPC URL of your VaporFi Node.
5. Open your Metamask. Click on your profile icon, and then click on Settings.
6. Click on Networks.
7. Click on Avalanche.
8. Replace the RPC URL with the one that you copied previously.
9. Click on Save. Congratulations! You are now using a VaporFi RPC Endpoint
Last modified 1yr ago