VaporFi Tutorial

How to claim your rewards 🆕

Latest update (23 April 2022)
  • The new Claims Tax tiers have been rolled out.
1. Once you have created your node, it will accrue rewards every minute, gaining you 1% rewards daily. You can view your available rewards from the Nodes tab of the VaporFi app.
Accrued VPND rewards.
2. To claim your VPND rewards, select the Nodes that you wish to claim from. Do this by checking the checkboxes next to the Nodes. Then click Claim selected.
Claiming your VPND rewards from multiple Nodes.
3. Once you have successfully claimed your VPND rewards, they should now appear in your wallet.
NOTE: Everytime you claim your rewards, there is a claim tax on your unclaimed rewards. UPDATE: The following are the latest claim tax tiers.
There is also a back up claim tax in case you are out of $AVAX. Instead of paying with $AVAX, you will be charged a 30% tax in $VPND when claiming.

Diamond Hands Bonus

This is a bonus reward given to holders that do not claim their rewards immediately. The Diamond Hands rewards are already factored and shown in your Rewards.
You might want to employ a strategy for claiming your rewards because of the Diamond Hands rewards. Observe the tiers for reward boosts below:
Smaller nodes have access to better Diamond Hands bonuses.