VaporFi Tutorial

How to compound your rewards

1. Instead of claiming your rewards, you can choose to Compound your rewards into your existing Node. This will help to grow your Node, thus increasing its yield over time.
2. To compound your rewards, just select the Node you wish to compound by clicking on the checkbox next to the Node. You may select more than one Node to compound at the same time. Then click on Compound selected.
Compounding multiple Nodes at once.
3. Your rewards will now be compounded into your Node, growing it.
NOTE: Compounding will be taxed based on the following tier list:
Compounding will also incur gas fees. Therefore, you might want to strategize as to how often you want to compound to ensure optimal returns. On the positive side of things, compounding does not reset the Diamond Hands bonus.
VaporFi has also implemented a Compounding Tier System, whereby you get extra bonuses when you Compound, depending on the size of your Node. This unique system helps smaller node grow faster when they compound!
A good strategy is also needed when first creating your Nodes to maximize your rewards. For example, you will be eligible for a higher Compound Bonus when compounding five 2,000 $VPND nodes vs. one 10,000 $VPND node.