VaporFi Tutorial

How to create a Node

Latest update (11 February 2022) With the new Referral System, you can use your friend's referral link to create a new Node. Your friend will receive a 5% commission on the $VPND amount you used to create the node.
1. To create a Node, you will first need to go to the VaporNode app at​
2. Connect the app to your Metamask wallet.
The VaporNode app needs to be connected to your wallet.
3. Click on the Nodes tab on the left of the screen. Then, click on Create Node.
Go to the Nodes tab found the left to create a Node.
4. Enter the name of your new Node. The Node name must have a minimum length of three characters.
5. Enter the amount of VPND you would like to use to create your new Node. At the time of writing, the minimum VPND needed to create a new Node is 1,000, but there is no maximum. The minimum VPND needed to create a Node might change in the future. Click on Continue to complete this step.
Creating a new Node with VPND.
6. You will then get a prompt from Metamask asking you approve access to your VPND funds. After approving that, you will get another prompt from Metamask to confirm your transaction.
IMPORTANT: Always make sure you have enough AVAX to be used as gas fees for all your transactions.
7. Soon, you will receive confirmation of your transaction and your Node would have been created. Congratulations on the creation of your first VaporFi Node! You can now start to enjoy your daily income of 1% on your node.
Monitor your Nodes and the rewards accrued.
Once you have created your Node, you can now refer your friend to the amazing passive income opportunity at VaporFi. Just remember to share with them your referral code. You can find this on the Referral tab within the VaporFi app or here -​