How to merge your Nodes

1. If you have created many Nodes, and find them difficult to manage, or costing you too much gas fees to Claim or Compound, you can choose to Merge them.
NOTE: A fee of 10 VPND will be required for every Merge.
2. To Merge two Nodes into one, click on Merge Nodes.
Merging two Nodes into one.
3. A dialog box will pop up. Choose the Source Node and the Destination Node.
The Source Node will merge into the Destination Node.
4. Click Merge.
5. At the end of this process, your Source Node will cease to exist, while the Destination Node would have grown in size equal to the Source Node.
UPDATE: With the roll out of the new claims tax, an auto compounding feature has been added. When merging nodes together the unclaimed rewards will now be auto compounded prior to merging.